Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking Season! [& A Peek Into My Craft Room]

This past weekend we went apple picking in Millstadt at Eckerts. This post is totally going to be an awesome plug for them because we had an absolute blast! I can't wait for L'bug to get a little older so she can even more enjoy all of the cool things to do. They had camel and pony rides, a petting zoo (which she wasn't too keen about,) and tons of other things. And to top it all off it was a beautiful day!
They had sliced carrots for you to feed the animals with, and even though the deer were babies she still wasn't sure and would hide her face in my neck when they came close. I was suprised at how soft they were. The water buffalo on the other hand had coarse hard hair. They were all very tame and gentle but still a little daunting even for me.

Red & delicious!
L'bug rode on her daddy's shoulders the majority of the time... occasionally getting bits of apple in his hair. Even though Sweet-P only has two teeth she totally went to town on her apple too!
We picked a bag full and I'm planning on making a home made apple pie. This will be my second attempt at an apple pie. The first time my crust wasn't really good. It was a Betty Crocker recipe, but I'm pretty positive it was a recipe Betty didn't ok before printing! lol
My last project,Sweet-P's birthday present, made its way onto my dining room table and succesfully took over the first level of my house. I have a sewing room/office... Why wasn't I using that you may ask? The project before that didn't really get cleaned up - ok, it was more like 2 to 3 projects that never made it to the top of the cleaning list. So, this past weekend I bit the bullet and reorganized it! After that, I realized that unless you've been to my house you've never gotten a chance to see my Imagination Station *wink*
[If you're a fan of Adventures in Odyssey you'll appreciate that.]
In every place I have ever lived I've had to be very creative with craft/sewing organizing because of the lack of space... When we were looking to buy this house the first thing that I thought of upon seeing the loft space was having my very own craft room!

Do you recognize my chair??

My Globe project is coming along. (I'm planning on having it done in a week or two at most.) So, I've been practicing with felt to get a feel for sewing it with the machine. In a word = HARD!
I'd just a soon hand sew it!

Here's what I came up with during my "play time."

Key chains. Not very creative, but this play time was more for seeing how hot glue would effect the felt. Another note - you can't sew through it no matter how thin a layer the glue is. All of this felt business will totally make more sense when the Globe project rolls out! Promise.


  1. I not only recognize the chair...but wow...that sewing machine and serger look sooooo familiar *wink* Love you!!!!

  2. I think I would be completely lost without YOUR serger!!!!! It's a must. Like tooth paste, or shoes! Love you too!