Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday of the Flower Princess

Little girl's first birthdays are probably one of the most precious events I can imagine.
To celebrate my best friend's little girl, Sweet-P's first birthday I made
her this super cute outift - complete with matching bloomers!
L'bug is doing the modeling here. It's so fun to dress her up in random outfits. She just
prances around like a little prima ballerina. My neighbors across the street were outside while we were doing our mini photo shoot so they got a first hand look at my little ham!
The whole ensamble consisted of a feather/flower head band, with a tutu, bloomers, and bib.
She isn't wearing the bloomers here... I wasn't quite done sewing them. Below are the pictures of them though. I put ruffles on the bum for good measure. As much girlie-ness as possible!
I had seen a bib that had fabric sewn onto it in a way that made it look like the
child was wearing a necklace.
(A tie could be done for a little boy... just a thought!)
That inspired me to try something similar. I found some flower/graphic print fabric (the same fabric that I used for the bloomers) and cut out various pieces, then placed them to form a necklace design. In my opinion a good bib has a "happy pocket." A pocket that collects all of the goodies that don't reach the finish line *wink* The pocket is lined and has her name embroidered on it.

The last piece to this charming puzzle is ice cream! I made an ice cream cone with three different flavors. Chocolate with sprinkles, Strawberries and Cream, & Vanilla with sprinkles. Each of the "scoops" has velco on the bottom so that Sweet-P can have fun playing and offering her "customers" (aka L'bug or C'bear most likely) choices.
I had a cool idea to make a scoop of Mint Choc. Chip, Neapolitan, or a Butterscotch too!

The cone has a recorder inside of it, on which I recorded a special birthday blessing. The recording can be changed at anytime if her parents get tired of hearing my voice... lol I'm sure 6 months from now, they will totally be tired of hearing me wishing Sweet-P happy birthday! There are snaps on the top of the cone so that you can remove the recorder when you want to wash it.

Let me know if you have a little angle who'd like a tutu or some ice cream!


  1. what a fun group of gifts, Felicia! These are awesome!

  2. Those were so cute for lil P :)