Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready for Mexico... but there's always time for Sewing!

As most of you know next week D and I are going on vacation! - However I couldn't resist
this cute lamb pattern!!! I know, I know... more baby stuff.

I did make a very nice dress - if you are or have been pregnant you
will understand how difficult it is to find
really flattering things to wear

First thing though... the Little Lamb-pil-stilts-kin
(my fanastical hubby named him) hee hee

Let me know if you want one!! And if you want a boy one or a girl one... or both ;-)


Here's the dress I was talking about.
I believe it's one of my Butterick patterns - not one that I designed, but very cute.
It can either be a halter top like the one shown or have regular straps.
The bust area is gathered and lined.
The pattern can be lengthened or shortened depending on the style. We have
a more formal event and so I made this one floor length.
The back is tied and so - no zipper!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Summer Outfits!
Here are three outfits that I made yesterday - Each set has
a jacket, pants, and a cute matching pair of shoes.
I've had a lot of requests for boy clothing and so here is the first of many to come -
of course I couldn't resist throwing in a little girl one though *wink.

This boy one is a light orange, blue, and white stripe - with a hint of brown.
I used light green buttons with a snap front.
I hand dyed the pants to match the orange color in the jacket.
Here's another boy set. I've been doing some silk screening - long story short...
I made the jacket and I thought it needed something else, so I
slik screened a yellow airplane on the font and the back. I totally like it much more :)
The base fabric is a Japanese print of light blue and navy.
It has three pearl buttons and a snapped front.
I had found this embroidered fabric at JoAnn's when they were going closing one of
their stores! I didn't have enough to do a lot with it, and so when this pattern
only called for 1/2 yard - I was sold.
I put rose colored flowers on the toes of the shoes to match the jacket.
This jacket has two pockets, is also a snap front, and has three pearl flowered buttons.

Here are close ups of the little shoes.

Let me know if you'd like a set - they's work great as an Easter Outfit :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Stuff

Shoes-Shoes & More Shoes!
Ok, I love these!!
I found the pattern online by Stardustshoes - excellent pattern by the way.
It's very easy to read and follow. The best part is, that it
only took me an hour from start to finish for each
pair - plus it's a chance to use all of those cute scraps that you can't bring
yourself to throw away, but can never find
a decent project to make with them.
I made these yesterday on my day off.
The light blue ones (shown below) are cool because I silk-screened a pink
butterfly and some blue hearts on them. (I could really get hooked on silk-screening.... maybe
I'll try it on some onesies or something fun like that... Yea! A new project for next week!)
My favorite of the three pairs are the blue ones with the buttons. The material is from
an upholstry swatch that I got from JoAnn Fabrics. I think I like them the most
because they look asian.

Baby Sling
No ties / No clasps / No velcro!
Here's a neat baby sling that I made yesterday too. This isn't the first one that I've
made of these. A girlfriend of mine is getting ready to have a baby boy
and I made her one about a month ago. The size of the sling is made specifically
for your shoulder to hip measurement so there is no need
for ties, clasps, etc.

It's sewn with french seams (basically it's a seam that's sewn twice for strength), it's lined with a soft fabric for additional support and comfort for the baby, and it has a
pocket in the front to hold burp rags, pacifiers, and whatnots.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ready For Spring

Ok so here are couple of my latest "makes"
This one is an Irish Lace scarf that I found online - the pattern is free from Lion Brand. Let me know if you want one -

I really liked this pattern because it was easy to memorize - so I could work on it during
traffic :) It's approx. 52" long and 8" wide / with 5 flowers. I used a
cream button that's hidden under a flower to secure it when
it's wrapped around you.

This project was one that I finished about a week ago - however I haven't had a chance until now to put the pictures online.

A girl friend of mine, M - told me about these shopping cart covers / high-chair covers.
All of the ones that she saw at the big box stores were in "not so pretty" fabrics, so
she went to Old Time Pottery and got this beautiful
flower print.

She's tested it out with the little C'bear and said that it works great -

It has elastic all the way around the edge so that it will take the shape of the shopping cart (or) high-chair, and two leg holes with elastic as well.

Then when child is playing toys and food won't fall onto the floor.

I'm really excited because I went to the library and got some books that have some amazing inspirational ideas - lots to try!

Upcoming projects are homemade silk screening, some spring touch-ups for the home, spring/summer dresses, and of course - more cute baby things :)