Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready for Mexico... but there's always time for Sewing!

As most of you know next week D and I are going on vacation! - However I couldn't resist
this cute lamb pattern!!! I know, I know... more baby stuff.

I did make a very nice dress - if you are or have been pregnant you
will understand how difficult it is to find
really flattering things to wear

First thing though... the Little Lamb-pil-stilts-kin
(my fanastical hubby named him) hee hee

Let me know if you want one!! And if you want a boy one or a girl one... or both ;-)


Here's the dress I was talking about.
I believe it's one of my Butterick patterns - not one that I designed, but very cute.
It can either be a halter top like the one shown or have regular straps.
The bust area is gathered and lined.
The pattern can be lengthened or shortened depending on the style. We have
a more formal event and so I made this one floor length.
The back is tied and so - no zipper!!!

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