Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peter "knitted" Tail

Little fuzzy rabbits!
My mom's on a very noble quest to make a basket full of knitted toys for her granddaughters.
This past week two more have been added to the pile.
There's a mama and a baby rabbit. She said they were really fun and quick to make. And the fabric on the ears was such a cute touch.
I love the smiling faces!
I've been combing through books that I borrowed from the library and found tons of fun projects that I want to do. Ok, so I'm currently working on three... but who's counting! huh?!
My biggest flaw is that I start projects, but there are so many I don't finish. Admitting a problem is half the battle right... so I'll just work on the other half another day! hehe ;-)
These two projects don't look like they'd take a long time - and you don't have to sew on either of them. I hope they give you inspiration like they did me!
Here they painted a picture frame purchased from a thrift shop. The glass had a small crack in the lower left hand corner - so they cut out flowers from printed fabric and then glued them onto the glass - a very clever way to fix the glass and make the frame one of a kind!

The classic silhouette!
I remember my third grade teacher making one of these for each of her students. We stood against a wall while she shown a spot light on our profile. Then she drew the outline onto a paper that hung behind us. It's like a good black and white outfit... something that never goes out of style! Wouldn't it be pretty to have a collage of silhouette pictures of each on of your family members.... oh - and with a vintage oak tree painted behind!!!! *sigh*
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bringing in the New Year

Heeelllllooooo 2011!!!
As I looked back over this past year's posts all I could think about was how much fun I had... and, for the past two weeks all I've been doing is looking for inspirations.

Ok, it's not "all" I've been doing, but I do have tons of new projects that I'm totally itching to make. On the list of things to do I'm going to officially create and ETSY account!
My hope is that it will be up and running within the next month.
So - December - to complete little L'bug's Christmas... DRUM ROLL PLEASE....
Most Awesomely Ever Tent!!!
Right after I made it L'bug jumped in and started reading me her book. Ahh, I love her!
Der worked so hard with building the frame and then I went to the GoodWill and found a twin sheet set for $4!! My craft room mess is actually an oasis of peace for me... as crazy as it seems.
I thought I'd give you a look at some of my special Christmas things.

My Santa on a chili pepper! Happy Hot-lidays yo!
And then I saved the best for last.
After I set up all of our decorations I realized that I didn't really have a proper nativity scene :(
I was tempted to purchase one, but even when I looked around all the ones that caught my eye were really pricy.
My mama saved the day and gave me hers. Please don't fret - she's still got another one that my brother gave her made by Willow Tree (it's awesome!) I remember mom setting up this nativity under our tree - it brings back so many fond memories!

I even remember when she first bought it - it was from one of those base ceramic stores. It was plain white and she painted and glazed it herself. I thought at one point it had a manger, but that item didn't make it over to my house. I'll have to ask her about it - it might be needing to be found in her basement or storage room...
On to January - cold but cozy!
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