Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peter "knitted" Tail

Little fuzzy rabbits!
My mom's on a very noble quest to make a basket full of knitted toys for her granddaughters.
This past week two more have been added to the pile.
There's a mama and a baby rabbit. She said they were really fun and quick to make. And the fabric on the ears was such a cute touch.
I love the smiling faces!
I've been combing through books that I borrowed from the library and found tons of fun projects that I want to do. Ok, so I'm currently working on three... but who's counting! huh?!
My biggest flaw is that I start projects, but there are so many I don't finish. Admitting a problem is half the battle right... so I'll just work on the other half another day! hehe ;-)
These two projects don't look like they'd take a long time - and you don't have to sew on either of them. I hope they give you inspiration like they did me!
Here they painted a picture frame purchased from a thrift shop. The glass had a small crack in the lower left hand corner - so they cut out flowers from printed fabric and then glued them onto the glass - a very clever way to fix the glass and make the frame one of a kind!

The classic silhouette!
I remember my third grade teacher making one of these for each of her students. We stood against a wall while she shown a spot light on our profile. Then she drew the outline onto a paper that hung behind us. It's like a good black and white outfit... something that never goes out of style! Wouldn't it be pretty to have a collage of silhouette pictures of each on of your family members.... oh - and with a vintage oak tree painted behind!!!! *sigh*
Happy Crafting!

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