Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Felt Doll House

After the success of the Felt Globe Kits I realized that many parents
would love to be able to make their little ones a treasured toy. Well, make it themselves or as a family project. But a lot of my friends either don't have the supplies or they don't seem to believe that they can sew.
(Yes, I said "don't seem to believe..." because I, myself only started sewing about 6 years ago. My advice is - just pick up some cheap fabric and a pattern and start hacking away!)
So the kits... ;-)
My favorite part of the Felt Globe Kit was the suitcase that held all of the little icons.
I love things that have a place or container.
So I got to thinking of other kits and patterns that I could make, but the suitcase kept coming into my mind. Long story short... an awesome "God Idea" light bulb lit up and a list of new projects flooded into my head.
The first of which is the Felt Doll House.
This little suitcase unfolds to reveal a doll house complete with furniture, decorations, and people!
The pattern for this kit is open for the maker to either follow the pattern to the letter, or they have the ability to make it more specific to themselves. Meaning, the house frame and all of the items are in the pattern, but you can make however many pictures, people, or pieces of furniture that you'd like.
My main thought was - what if you had a family of two girls and a boy... the hair and clothing pattern pieces are all separate so you can decide what you'd like them to look like!
Just like the Felt Globe, this kit comes with everything you would need to make the Doll House... such as thread, needles, plastic canvas and felt.
Also, like the Felt Globe, this kit can be purchased as either a full kit or just the pattern. But if you just can't find the time, and really want a Doll House for your little one, I can make one for you!
I used a variety of fabrics... new and vintage for the "wall paper." And the pillows for the bed and couch are three dimentional to make them more fun.

For our house I made three girls and two boys. The girls were made to look like two of L'bug's friends ;-) C'bear & Sweet P

She might be a little young to fully express all of her imagination, but at the moment she loves studying all of the pieces, and putting them onto the house.

Felt Doll House Kit is $50 (+) shipping
Pattern is $25 (+) shipping
Fully assembled Doll House $125 (+) shipping
*Fabrics will vary depending on availabilty - but know, they will be selected with care! ;-)
Shipping cost for Full Kit is $15 / Pattern $5 / Assembled House $10
All payments can be made via paypal using the account: sing_82@yahoo.com
Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness!! I so need to adopt a little girl, just so I can make this next. Priceless.

  2. No worries yo - I'm making a firehouse next!!! Completed with a dalmation and everything :D

  3. linked through from design mom--am super impressed. way to go--your work is beautiful!