Friday, September 17, 2010

The Little Things Are Always Best

Have you every read the book, Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch? Very recommended! The book is about a mother who holds her son and softly sings to him, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." The book was published in 1986 and has sold over 15 million copies. I personally do not own this beloved publication, however L'bug's Mum mum [my mom] does, and I read it to her to help her fall alseep when we are visiting.

The little birds are made with L'bug's thumb prints!

I made the mistake of showing it to Mum Mum (what we call my mom). Ok, it wasn't a mistake... but I sucessfully lost myself a mug! She really wanted it and because I had never made anything like that for her, I told her that she could have it once I made myself another one. Which I plan to do here in the next week or so. I love painting so I really can't complain. And for me, the thrill of a project is in the making of it. Mine will have a different design, but the same long legged thumb print "peep peeps" will totally make another appearance!


This next project came with an added bonus. Quiet painting peaceful bliss! To be more specific - 5 hours of bliss! I left L'bug with her Grammie and Grandpa (Der's parents) while I went and painting this platter for some friends of ours that are getting married in October. I made the design in CS4 and then transfered it to the plate. With a very small paint brush and a Vente Caramel Macchiato I made them a personalized pub platter. [try saying that 3 times fast!]

I found this cute pub saying:

"If you're Irish you're one of the family! If you're not we're too drunk to care!"

Pat & Amy are great friends and I hope they enjoy it!


Introducing.... Pin Cushion Boot!!

Ok, so if you've read my last post about pin cushions you will recall the beautiful Victorian shoe. That pin cushion I made for my mom and told her that she could have it once I had taken pictures and documented it. Well, a good friend of mine, K and I went to shopping to the Antique mall at 40 & Big Bend. I always find really great things there, but my mission this time was to find a pin cushion replacement. Little did I know I would find something so wonderfully random!

Munchkin update:
Now that we're fixed up our bike we've gone on several rides - one of which was to the park, where L'bug played in the play ground. She's getting so big!

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  1. Missed you today. Love the platter. We're going to have to go thrifting soon. And maybe set up another play date!