Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sewing/Crafting Spree (Entry #1)

Alright, so I've been doing a lot of sewing lately - I've have got a ton of things to show you so...
Here is the first post of a group of "Sewing/Crafting Spree" postings.
I have some clothes, some accessories, cute baby stuff, and a very thrifty housewares item - when I said spree... I meant it *wink*

Some items are older things that I've made a year or so ago, (which I rediscovered while I was unpacking)
& others are some things that I've been working on... and it just randomly
happened that I finished them all now.


I was window shopping online, I believe at Free People.com when I came
across this beautiful crocheted bag. The only problem was that this bag was a little over $200.00
Out of my price range.

But the bag was made out of Granny Squares and so I figured that I could totally make it for less
that the ticket price of two benjamins. Plus, it's a really neat way to use up all the scrap yarn that I couldn't bring yourself to throw away.
The inside is lined with a pillow case and the strap is an old belt that I had lying around.
If you are a crocheter then you know that I didn't just do a Granny Square -
I used a French Square, but any type of square pattern will work. I never thought of it until now, but to add interest technically one could make the bag using several different square patterns... as long as they all were the same finished size.
(note to self = totally try that!)
In the above picture, the orange yarn woven through the dark blue top is the drawing string.
This particular bag is a personal favorite, and so it isn't for sale... however, if you'd like one yourself I can make it for you!

Crochet Draw-string Bag $100.00
Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 12"

Here are two bags that I made this past week. The pattern is by Amy Butler - talk about talented!! She has many pattern books as well as a fabric line.
The bag is big enough for you to pretty much carry anything in it. I've been using it as
a reusable shopping bag - for groceries or thrifting.
Both of these bag are made out of cotton, have pockets on the inside for carrying your cell phone, money, etc., and are fully lined.

As will all of my items - just email me if you want me to make you one :) sing_82@yahoo.com