Monday, July 27, 2009

Tea Tins... Baby Stuff

Here's my newest obsession = TEA TINS!
I, along with two other lovely ladies, am hosting a baby shower for our friend E. It's a
Tea Party theme, and I'm in charge of decorations. I've been scouting
all of the GoodWills and Salvation Armys for
these amazing finds. I know they arn't something that I've made...
(in following the theme of this blog)
however, I couldn't resist posting them.
Here though, is something that I've recently made.
A diaper bag - that my friend T purchased after seeing the one that I made for L'bug.
I like her's much better :) lol
T told me that she likes the color green and so that was my inspiration. That, and this
really cool felt that I found. Let me know what you think - and if you'd like one for yourself.

I used a belt for the handle - and some furniture binding for accents.
I loved the green buttons. It has two front pockets, a really nice organizer inside, and a bottle holder. It's completely lined... and, felt is naturally stain and water resistant.


  1. Okay....I couldn't resist. Have I ever told you how beautiful I think your tea tins are?? Maybe someday I'll be fortunate and acquire one for myself = ) *wink*

  2. Alright, missy... I had forgotten to put your blog on my homepage and therefore hadn't looked in quite a while. I just went through all your posts, and now I'm wishing I had a money tree. I want to buy everything!