Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sewing/Crafting Spree (Entry #2)

Memories are wonderful. You have them attached to music, people, places, and clothing... especially baby clothes! Now that I'm a mom it was a bitter sweet day when L'bug outgrew her premie & newborn onesies, as I'm sure it's the same for the other moms across the globe.
Well... what are you going to do with all of the various onesies, toddler clothes, highschool graphic t's from band, or even the t-shirts from your college philanthropy days that you don't wear anymore, hate to throw away, and don't want them sitting somewhere in you basement in a box where you'll never see them again.


The beautiful C-bear turned the big #1 this past weekend, and for her gift I took some of her clothes that her mom gave me, and made her a quilt. In the center of the quilt I made a hand embroidered "name plate."

Embroidering = Drawing amazing things with yarn
Another one of my friends, couldn't bear the thought of her little one's clothes being cut, so I made her a name plate that can be framed :)
I also was recently asked about cross stitch birth announcements. The older ways of cross stitching are great, however they do resemble the time of our grandmothers...

When I first started I got a lot of inspiration from books, but now I hand sketch all of my patterns and basically use various stitches to create beautiful pictures that are one of a kind. The wide range of things that can be embroidered are to numberous to count - for example: book covers, book marks, framed pieces of art, the center for a quilt, decorations on a bag or pillow.... just use your imagination - let me know what it is that you are wanting and I can embroider anything your heart desires *wink
The quilts are:
*all memory material provided by customer
24" x 36" (the quilt that's shown) $ 35
36" x 36" $ 45
48" x 48" $60
60" x 60" $ 90

Embroidery Designs
*Price is approximate depending on the design and color quantity
5" x 7" $35
8" x 10" $45
11" x 14" $65

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