Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sewing / Crafting Spree (Entry # 3)

On the crochet wagon again!
Wherever I go my needles aren't far away... and I don't necessarily need yarn.
I wanted a rug for L'bug's room but I didn't want one of the regular run of the mill ones. Her room is very random vintage and so I used bed sheets (thrift store ones *wink) as my medium.
The rug itself was very simple to just takes a lot of free time. (I was putting to good use the time I spend nursing! LOL)
I used a really big crochet hook and single crochetted my way in a spiral {if you are a fellow "crocheter" it's like doing amigarumi...same basic concept.}
This rug is approx. 38" in diameter and took 3 queen sized bed sheets.
The baby shoes - well in my opinion one never "needs" a reason or explanation to crochet baby shoes! All you need is some yarn and a good pattern. The red/orange shoes are from a free pattern I found on another crafter's blog - but I made up my own pattern for the other two...taking ideas from a couple of different patterns to make a new unique one.

Rug Price:
24" diameter $ 20
36" diameter $ 30
48" diameter $ 40
*Rug's can be hand dyed to fit specfic color needs which will add $3 per color.

Crochet Baby Shoes
$15 a pair

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