Monday, October 1, 2012

Flattened Doll House

In a couple of weeks we are going to be flying down to Jacksonville, FL
to find a new abode, so I've been thinking of activities to keep Lilly occupied on the flight.
Mainly flat type of activities
I wish I was super-duper creative and that awesome ideas just sprouted from my brain like flowers, but alas... they don't so naturally I started looking on Pinterest.
At first I searched paper dolls, but the more I got to thinking about it the more of a bad idea it seemed. There are so many parts that I envisioned a total mess where I'm looking around the floor of the plane for random paper shoe or shirt pieces. Not a good situation.

Then I stumbled upon Lolly Dolls!
Made by Teawagontales
Oh, and not only are the dolls super cute, but I'm extremely jealous of her workspace!!!

Ok, back to the dolls...
Did I mention how precious they are?? Plus they are really really easy to make!
On her site she explains all about how to make them, but basically you draw faces on the end of tongue depressors, then you can either use scrap booking paper or patterned tape for the clothing.
(pre black marker for the details) 
(post black marker details)
I'm in love with the striped socks, Mary Jane shoes, and pink hair! 
I now have, oh I mean Lilly now has, four amazing Lolly Dolls. But where are they going to play???
A flat doll house of course!
 I used cut pieces of paper for the dolls clothes which in turn gave me an idea for collage type scenes. I wanted the scenes/rooms to look like Lilly and I had went through magazines cutting out everyday items. I made ten scenes and/or rooms.
1) Front yard 2) Living room 3) Kitchen 4) Bedroom 5) Library 6) Boutique 
7) Zoo 8) Park 9) Beach 10) Theater
 I made all the prints in Photoshop. Then I took my flash drive to the local print shop and had them printed on card stock. After that, I covered them in contact paper so they would be more durable. Lastly, I bound them into a file folder, and I also added a pocket to store the dolls in. 
 All in all, the project cost me under $20 too!
Potato painting fun :)
This is what Lilly did while I was making the doll scenes. 
 Potato painting then turned into finger/hand painting - which is obviously more fun for a toddler! Silly mommy.... Lilly told me that the potatoes got in her way! hehehe

 If you'd like to order the Flat Doll House prints please email me at:
Doll House pdf Prints:  $10 
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