Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winery Picnic

Missouri has some amazing wineries. And if you're not a wine drinker, no problem - most of them sell beer and ale, plus food. I mean who doesn't like food?? Food and wine, I'm there.
I'm not a lush, but going to the wineries is one of my favorite things to do.
Take today for example... we went to one off of  HWY 94, a two lane road made beautiful with all of the changing leaf colors. It's a road that almost demands that you drive a motorcycle or convertible.
The winery we went to was Balducci Vineyards. Family owned since 1987 and very family oriented. You can bring your own picnic lunch, grab a nice bottle of Sonata (a semi sweet I highly recommend), and watch your kids run, play, and take turns rolling down the "big hill."
And in October, there are different bands that play on the weekends.

Yesterday we not only enjoyed Balducci's, but we also said farewell to some dear people.
A small back story...
Derek's parents moved to the midwest from southern California right before he was born. They left their families and friends because his dad was offered a job here. Through their church they met some great families and they've all stuck together creating their own 
unique "family" they call, the Round Table 10. (ten families) ;)
They are sad to see us move, but happy for the adventure that awaits us.

Lilly taking a few bites before running off to play. She occupied herself for awhile with the holly bushes. She said that the berries were food for her party. "Just pretend, Mommy..." she told me. We're working on not sticking things in our mouth...
Ryleigh was there with us, but there are no pictures of her. She was all bundled up sleeping, and enjoying the experienced arms of many eager grandma's. Ahhh, the life of a newborn!
Plus the rain held off until we got home! :)
Thank you God for your little miracles! They are greatly appreciated, especially by one little girl in particular who love love loves to be outside.

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