Thursday, October 11, 2012

Air Plane Organization = New Bags!

Do you ever have projects that really need to be worked on, but you just don't have the drive or desire to finish them? You feel guilty for not finishing them, but you 
still make up random excuses to not work on them.
You'll eventually, hopefully soon rather than later, finish them. But right now when you look at it you think, "Ugh, I really should work on you. The responsible thing to do is finish you before starting a new project. I know I'll feel better when you're finished...
You'll be awesome when you're finished... But frankly, you're just not that fun right now."

I feel that way about my daughter's baby quilt and her baby memory book. 
She's 6 weeks old and I totally had every intention of getting them both done by now!
I blame myself, but it's much easier to blame Pinterest... 
It just sucks me in with all sorts of new and exciting project ideas!
Phew! I feel better having gotten that off my chest. Confession time over *wink* 
I commit to you that I will finish them both by the end of the year. Promise!
 We're flying out next week and I know that organization is going to be key when traveling with a newborn and a toddler. And every time we fly my biggest stress button is the security check. I always feel rushed and no matter how many times I pack and repack my carry-on, when I get to those tan bins and slip off my shoes all organizing and structure goes out the window! I'm chucking things left and right trying in vain to get all my electronics, liquids, and other randomness laid out as neatly as possible so the security person won't have any problems scanning my crap... or I'll won't have to wait for them to personally go through it all. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about air port security, but I don't like the feeling one, that I'm holding up the line and everyone's looking at me, and two, that I need to completely repack my bag afterwards.

Now that you're in the loop with my dilemma, I'm excited to show you these really fun bags that I whipped up this afternoon! Pinterest inspired of course.
The idea came from this picture I found by LBG Studios. 
They sell the pattern for 6$, but really it's pretty self explanatory. 
I went to the Goodwill in search of leather, but alas... the one I went to didn't have anything like the suede leather in the picture, however I did find some coal gray corduroy pants instead. $1 :)
I used canvas material from JoAnns for the main fabric. Right now canvas is 50% off, but I always have my 40% off coupon yo. Did you know that they also accept Hobby Lobby and Michael's coupons too?? I digress.. The maroon knit I used for the lining was just some random material I had lying around here at the house.
I cut 4 rectangle pieces (11 1/2" x 14 1/2") / 2 in the main fabric & 2 in the lining fabric.
I added the corduroy accent triangles.
 I used a 9" zipper and added a bit of corduroy to lengthen it on each end.
After I sewed the lining to the main fabric I attached them to either side of the zipper.
I sewed the sides and bottom together, then I used my serger it to clean it up. Never underestimate the amazing powers of a serger! Mine is a Baby Lock :) :) If you are thinking of investing in one, don't think about it - just get it! You won't regret it. 
In a word = Awwwwesome! (said in a high pitched sing song voice)
I flipped it inside out and voila! A perfect bag for all of my electronics! So now, when I'm in line to go through air port security, I'll just whip out this fabulous bag, lay it in the bin, and all my random devices will be in one place. One very stylish place I might add...
I had some extra fabric left over, plus my kids were both still taking their naps, so I made a pencil bag. Hey moms, do you recognize the button/elastic accent?! 

A good use of 20 minutes! ;)

Oh yea - I also had some time to make a phone case too!
No more unorganized mamma! A bag for everything, and everything in it's bag.
When Lilly woke up she couldn't wait to help me "crafting." So I let her organize my mom's button basket. She had some odds and ends in there so Lilly picked out all of the items that she deemed different. She found some charms, old keys, and a buckeye for mending socks.
She's LOVES to sort things!
One time, when we went to the Olive Garden she asked my husband, Derek if she could organize the sugar packets... She also asked me to take a picture of this key specifically because she wanted to know what it went to :) 
If keys could talk...

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  1. They look great! I love that grey cord!