Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clover Lake

Instead of doing this long winded "catching up" chat with you I'll just cut to the meat of it.
1) My husband, Derek, got transferred from our beautiful city of St. Louis, MO to sunny Jacksonville, FL. To be quite honest I was less than thrilled... Really, I thought that Florida was the place where people went to retire. And by retire, I mean live until they are on the other side of the pearly gates... It didn't seem like a place where a young family would have much in common with the locals. After much prayer and a trip down there this past April I'm warming to the idea. It will be hard to leave my family in the midwest, but it is what it is.
2) We have to sell our home - while I am pregnant with our second little girl. Not fun, but we managed with a lot of help from family and friends.

3) Move in with my parents until Ryleigh is born. We've now lived with my folks for a month and a half, which has gone better than what I expected. Ryleigh 3 weeks ago :-) But we don't officially move down to Florida until November.... so we've got about another month and a half to go.

See - now you're in the loop.

Ok so yesterday I was getting antsy and so was Lilly, aka Bean, my oldest daughter who's 3. I ended up taking her a small lake besides my parent's house, called Clover Lake. I used to go there with my brothers when we were kids. I remember it being a lot bigger... lol
 Bean loves going on nature walks and collecting various "treasures." She loved the lake! Her uncle Jimmy had taken her there last week and they had a blast. She's sort of a free spirit... and her biggest joy of self expression is singing. 
Singing what? Anything and everything. Made up things. Silly things. Loud things.
The weather was perfect and pine cones a plenty. :-)
She ventured as far as I would let her on the dock. It's seen better days! I remember playing on it, but of course that was close to twenty years ago... She didn't mind though.
 You might notice that I don't post pictures of the kid's faces (unless they are covered with sunglasses, scarves, etc.) It's a quirk I know... but I figure that when they are old enough to have their own facebook /or whatever pages then they can decide if they want their faces out there. For know, this goofy mamma if really fond of their cute mugs being private ;-)

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