Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If L'bug were a Doll

I have become completely addicted to Pinterest! If you aren't in the "know" it's basically a virtual cork board. You can have as many different boards as you'd like, look at everyone else's boards, and virtually "pin" pictures of well... anything on to your boards. It really makes the action of combing the web for ideas way more easy, fun, and efficient.

If there's someone that has pictures that I'd like I can either become their follower - as you would on a blog or twitter - or you can simply repin the particular photographs that you want.

Having said all that, I found some really cute whimsy dolls there. It was before I was a member (BTW membership is free,) so I wasn't able to repin the photo - ergo I don't remember whom posted these dolls to give them their due credit. But they are awesome!

I made my own pattern and after I made one, the ideas just started flowing for patterns for more of them. I started basing the Whimsy Dolls after children that were playmates of L'bugs! I thought it would be cute for her to have dolls of her friends so that they could all go on imaginary adventures together ;)

The hair, faces, and a few of the details are felt, but the

body and the clothing are all vintage fabrics. I had crocheted the scarves too.
The (above) on the left is one that I've made to look like my own L'bug and the one on the right is for her friend B'ly. B'ly has long darker blond hair with beautiful eyes!

These are of her friends C'bear, P'girl, and Rhys.

Rhys and B'ly are brother and sister ;) I keep looking the Rhsy Whimsy and visions of Huck Fin always seem to come to mind *wink*

My idea also included the possibility of using old clothing/memory clothing from the child to make the doll's clothing. Then the Whimsy would be even more special.

As always - let me know if you'd like me to make you something!!!

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  1. I was able to see these dolls in person last weekend at the show...........very cute and affordable. I wanted them all to play with and really would have to have the case they were sitting in. I noticed how the eclecticity of your creations seemed to draw people to your "shop", very fun stuff, yo!