Thursday, August 4, 2011

Noah, the Ark, and Lots of Animals

I am never disappointed with felt!
Ok, that's not completely true... I do wish that there were more color choices, but other than that it's such a great material to work with.
This past month my aunt made L'bug a really cute purse out of felt from a pattern that she found on ETSY (by Jennifer Goetz). It came with a makeup compact, blush brush, lipstick, and more! [I will totally post the purse she made so you can enjoy!]
Anyways, after I saw that, I too went searching through Etsy to find more fun felt patterns.
I came across a wonderful seller, BuggaBugs! If you haven't checked them out - ya need to!

I purchased a Noah's Ark pattern, which included Noah, his wife, the Ark, a chicken, rooster, a nesting box with eggs, a hay stack, and an apple barrel. The pattern was only $6 and is an Adobe file so within a day they had emailed it to me :) :)
They do have a pattern for the animals, but since I'm in budget mode I decided to make up my own rather than purchasing that pattern as well. On a different note - they do have tons of other patterns for all sorts of things so again, if you haven't checked them out you should!
I made some subtle changes to the pattern I purchased, such as felt color choices and some of the details on Noah and his wife.

The animals that I wanted for L'bug were:
Camels, Horses, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, & Aligators
She went to the zoo last week and is now all about the hippo so I'm going to come up with a pattern for them here soon!

My animal patterns are available for purchase, in pattern only form as well as kit form.
(Kit form will include the pattern as well as the felt and other supplies needed to make them.)
Just email me if you'd like to purchase them!
L'bug has loved playing with it and likes making random animals noises ;-)
Here are a few action shots of her.

(giving the elephant a kiss)
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yea felt! hehehe

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