Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picking Things Back Up Again

"What's up yo!"

Well, my life is now pretty much back to normal. 'Normal' being a very loose word... as much as it can be with a two year old who's very intent on asserting her independence! *sigh* Well friends, I'm going to be selling my items in a craft fair this coming fall, and so I've been

experimenting with different items. Here are a few that I've made this past month.


When my husband and I got married he gave me a really cute colored pencil/note book holder. It was really great for the obvious portability reason. L'bug is very in to coloring so I've been taking her a coloring book and some crayons in my diaper bag. This got really old especially when the crayons would get lost or broken... or when I didn't want to take my whole diaper bag with me I'd end up finding crayons at the bottom of my purse.

I've seen the crayon "roll" but never a crayon/note book creation so, I made one.

It wasn't hard to make, but the outcome was really cute and quite handy.

The note book is just the average size of any they sell at Target or Walmart so that can be replaced. The wrap holds 16 crayons and a pencil.

Definately an item I don't mind having in my purse!

Plus, if it gets dirty it's totally machine washable! Just a quick touch up ironing when it comes out of the dryer and you're good to go again.


The next items are dresses for L'bug. I've really been on a "fabric find" kick the last couple of months. It all started when the Catholic Thrift store in my home town had a Quilter/Fabric sale. Sale, really doesn't give you the full scope of how awesome and inexpensive it was!

There were antique sewing notions, and tons of cool fabrics.

Also on my 'fabric finding' adventures I've been to the GoodWill Outlet. Didn't know they exist? Well they do and they are awesome! At $.79 a lb... yes you read correct, a pound! Be prepared to dig a little, but the treasures are there, and they are well worth the trouble.

Green Quilt Dress

With this dress I used an unfinished quilters block for the top and some random green fabric for the bottom. The lining is a very soft cotton bed sheet. The bottom ruffle is some vintage cotton "farm print" material. I didn't use a pattern, so it is a little long on L'bug, but she'll be able to wear it again next summer.


Variation Pillow Case Dress

This dress was inspired by a couple of things. The first was the pillow case dress. The second was a skirt that a girl was wearing at the baseball diamonds.

The top part of the dress is from a pair of men's slacks, and the bottom layers are from some random fabrics, bedsheets, and pillow cases. I think what really makes this dress are the details. The buttons are vintage and when I bought them from the thrift store there were only 3 still left on the package so it worked out perfectly!

Is anyone else addicted to pom poms??? I love them! They instantly give the garment a fun and whimsy feel.
Felt Flowers

These felted flowers are so fun to make. You can pretty much use any color or felt or fabric, and you they don't require a lot of material. You cut several circles and gather them to create a wonderful looking 3D flower. I've been using them on hair pins, head bands, and as broches.

I love the floral details. I purchased some Japanese made flower stamens and Poppy buds and used them as details in the centers.

It gave them a less "crafty" look and more of retro, 60's look.

Well, that's what I've been up to! Hope you like them. Please feel free to comment or by all means email me at: for questions or orders.

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