Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Needle and Thread Christmas

I feel, as I'm sure you all do, that this past month flew by... I guess it's even
more evident now that we have a little girl. I'm reminded of what someone told me right
after L'bug was born. "This will be the shortest year with the longest days."
Boy were they on the money!
December is the month when I'm busy making gifts :) and so now that all
of the presents have been opened I can post the pictures of my latest works.
Thank You to all of the people that ordered items!
And now for the pictures -
I had no idea how much people would like those felted hair pins I posted a couple of weeks ago.
Here are a couple more, plus in my shopping travels I found a holder for them and
I couldn't wait to make one myself.
I think my most gratifying thing to make is a speciality bag.
One, because there are no other bags like them... and two, because I know that the client
will really be able to get a lot of use out of it. This first bag is a "super bag."
My friend, N, asked me to make her a bag that would hold... are you ready for this...
[cloth diapers, a child's toy, her camera,
medicine supplies, her laptop,
and her regular purse items (wallet, lip gloss, keys, and cellphone)]
Basically - everything!
Here is what I came up with.
It has three separate compartments. The purple zipper area is for her purse like and medicine items. The larger middle red zipper area is for her diaper bag stuff and camera. The back teal zipper part is for the laptop. All the compartments are lined. The front and middle areas both have inside pockets, there are three front pockets, and there are two side pockets -
(hmmm....wondering if I could think of another sentence to use the word pockets....)
She can carry everything she needs and then some, plus to make the bag more durable I put two straps on it to help distribute the weight.
This bag was a treat! I love suprises - especially this one. A friend's mom emailed me and asked me to make her daughter a sewing bag to hold her sewing machine as well as some notions.
One side has an area for scissors as well as smaller notions, and the other side has a pattern holder and a round pin cushion.
The side has pockets for fabric. I wanted to make it so that she could pick up her bag and have everything that she would need to sew right there in one place.
Here is a fabric teddy bear - I used the same pattern as before, however this client asked if I could embroider "Avery" on the leg. I wasn't sure how the dark/light contrast of the fabric would look when I cut out the pattern, but I'm very pleased with the "retro-ness" of it all.
I'm also so excited when things just work out - example:
I was sewing this foot together and when I turned it inside out I saw that there was flower in the center of the footpad! Totally not planned!

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas season - and in a couple of days - a Happy New Year! As always, feel free to email me if you have anything that you'd like me to make. I'm looking forward to another year of blogging. In the fall and winter months I crochet, but in the spring and summer I'm all about sewing - and sewing this coming year will be fun!

L'bug will be wearing regular clothes rather than onesies all of the time - and I've been doing some of online research and I have a lot of things that I'm very inspired to make. I found a fantastical French website that has free children's patterns. The site was very vintage meets Heidi of the Alps, meets home-maker! In other words - Amazing!

Again, thank you all for following my crafts and randomness!

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