Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pattern Collector

As the days grow closer to Christmas I find myself enjoying projects that I can get done in a couple days or two. I like the instant gratification... As a crafter I am always looking for different patterns - printing them out - and filing them safely away for a rainy day. I looked at my shelf of several binders filled to the gills with patterns, and realized that it would take me a life time to do all of those projects! LOL
I didn't know I was a pattern junkie, but I have all of the symptoms and tell-tell signs... my sewing room and computer are stuffed with them. So, to justify my "collection" of patterns I decided to make a few items - to make myself feel more like a "do-er" rather than a "horder." I'm not even going to tell you how much yarn and fabric I have - not that obsession I get from my beloved mother (love you mom!)
*Leg Warmers*
I've seen them several places, but they are just too expensive for me. Call me cheap - but $12 for one pair of leg warmers is a little much... so I made some. At Target you can get three pair of woman's socks for around $7. Each pair of socks makes one pair of leg warmers. You simply cut off the foot part and finish it off. They are really cute and they work great for when L-bug is rolling... no crawling yet, but all in due time. I'd make them for $5 a pair if anyone wants them. :)

*Pacifier Leash*
I found this pattern at Hook Candy.com and had to make it because it looked so easy - the pattern also happened to be free. I have since made like seven of them! I use the leash all the time. I hook it onto those connecting or magic rings {that was for you MW} and then connect the rings to her car seat or her jumperoo. I realize the concept of the pacifier leash isn't a new one - but the crocheted aspect of this one was what got me. The leash also gives L-bug more to hold onto and play with - which she quite enjoys :)

*Wash Cloths*
After I made my own laundry detergent I was thinking of other ways to get more "green."
Ok, I also had some time to kill while I was watching sports center with my husband so I made some wash cloths. I actually really like them. They soak up water well and the stitches make for good scrubbers. I have been doing things the old fashioned way with L-bug's diapers... I use cloth diapers and a wash cloth to clean her rather than wipes. The crochet cloths have been good to clean her with because they are soft.

*Felted Hair Pins*

I'm not a Black Friday shopper, however I did go out this year. Granted I didn't leave the house until 1:30pm and by that time all of the crazed shoppers had gone home. [If you just so happen to be one of those shoppers please do not take offense - more power to you!] While shopping with my mother-in-law I found these amazing felted hair pins! L-bug has lots of hair, but it is really fine and normal clips don't stay in - but the felt holds onto the hair without pulling it. The clip that I bought was $8 per clip - expensive! So I went to Hobby Lobby, got some felt, and made my own. And, without tooting my own horn - I really liked the way they turned out!

*Raga-Muffin Doll*
I was making a doll from a book pattern that I had. I was happily crocheting along when I looked down at my work and realized that the pattern that I was following (to a T) was looking horrible! The doll was supposed to be a teddy bear, but it didn't look like a bear at all... So, I improvised. I made up my own doll and the outcome was the Raga-Muffin.

I'll keep you posted as much as I can thoughout the holidays - but if I get too busy with all of the festivities...then Merry Christmas everyone!!

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