Monday, May 11, 2009

Old/New Furniture

Thrifting, I would say is a favorite hobby of mine. I love finding furniture that's... a little under the weather, and fixing it up to look like new. Here in St. Louis, St. Vincent's is the best place to find the coolest pieces.
But really - anything that needs a little lovin' will do. I found this office chair in my parent's basement. It was covered in an ugly black/brown textured fabric, and was in desperate need of attention.

I got the notion to fix it last Wednesday night - It took me about 5 hours for everything... but the outcome is well worth it.
Most people are nervous about taking apart furniture, but truly it's quite simple. The old pieces of fabrics are your patterns for the new ones... As long as the basic structure of the item(s) isn't damaged the project will go smoothly with a little time and patience.
And, of course a staple gun :)
If you'd like me to recover anything just let me know -or- if you want to tackle a recovering project on your own and want some guidance feel free to email!

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