Monday, May 18, 2009

Homemade is just so rockin awesome!

Here are some Puzzle Balls that I made this past week. The name isn't completely correct - the balls arn't really a puzzle, but they are colorful and fun for babies to play with.
They have many areas that to grab onto to help with baby's
hand-eye coordination ;)
The vintage fabrics are also a big plus...

I made three different sizes - I'm a fan of making things in "threes."
I can either make them with fabric that I already have - or if you have a color theme in mind I can work with that too.
Large Puzzle Ball [7 inch diameter] $ 8
Medium Puzzle Ball [5.5 inch diameter] $ 11
Small Puzzle Ball [4 inch diameter] $ 15
L'Bugs Baby Bedding!!
If you know me, I really like to have unique things and baby bedding was no exception.
I looked around, but couldn't find anything that really matched the
style that I want for L'bug's room.
I've only got 6 weeks left - so this weekend I cranked up the sewing and finally finished her bed quilt!
The star points are randomly placed throughout - they are made from pieces of fabric from my baby clothes / vintage japanese fabric / and other cute pieces that
I had left over.
The backing and the border are made from a soft cotton that I found with my mom.
To add more detail I used a different fabric for the corners.
Making this quilt really opened my eyes to making "Memory Quilts." I looked online and there are several places that allow you to send them fabric from clothing.
You know - the clothing that you can't wear anymore, but has many memories so you can't bear to throw or give it away... also - baby clothes are another great idea for quilts.
What better way to preserve the memories than to have a quilt made out of them. The memory quilts I found online... on average run around $75 - $150 (plus shipping) depending on the size.
I'll gladly make a Memory Quilt for anyone that wants one - Now that I've got the thought in my head I'm planning on saving back some of L'bugs baby clothes and making on for her 1st birthday.
If you'd like one for baby / yourself / or as a gift - by all means contact me!
Quilt sizes can be anywhere from 36" x 36" [Approx. $45] to 60" x 60" [Approx. $ 90]


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