Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Raining Crafts & Dogs

Some people save their spare change for rainy days... others curl up with their hot tea and read a good book. I am neither of thoes two people :)
On rainy days I like to make what I call "fast crafts." You know, the ones that
only take a couple of hour to make.
Instant gratification!
The crafts that follow are my fast crafts from the past couple of rainy days.
I had first noticed these snack bags while baby-sitting for a friend from church. Her son had his
dried cherries in one. Upon closer inspection I realized that these snack bags were awesome!
You can put basically anything in them - obviously not liquids - however all of the
finger foods that kids (and adults) eat can be carried around in these
very eco-friendly bags.
They are lined and have a velcro strip that closes them. What I like most is that the kids can
open and close them themselves. I used fun vintage fabric for L'bugs.

My next craft came from a picture that I saw online from good 'ol Martha Stewart.
They are flower pins made from zippers!! Thanks to my wonderful mother
I am in the possession of approx. 50 zippers, so I had plenty of colors to choose from.

I glued a hair pin (like the ones that I used for the felted hair pins) on the back.
Bottle Cap Hot Pad
I know what you're probably thinking.... "really... you don't need to be 'that' person that has everything possible crochetted"
But I found this vintage 50's pattern for a crochet bottle cap hot pad and I couldn't resist
trying it out. The original pattern formed the caps into a pineapple shape, and honestly
that would have called for twice as many bottle caps, so to keep the craft within my
instant gratification range I made up my flower pattern which required half as many bottle caps.
It was a relaxing craft because you can basically just make the bottle cap covers from memory after about the third one.
My last craft was another Martha special. I wanted to make something for Mother's Day, not only to save some bucks, but to also incorporate L'bug.
She called for a tote which you could color on for your Mother. I didn't have any plain totes on hand so I made my own. I made my mother, mother-in-law, and myself one.
Then I made a flower template and drew a picture for L'bug to color. Since she's only 11 months
I did help her hold the permenent markers, but she did so good and we had a lot of fun coloring together.
I traced her flowers and then put a cute saying on the side.
"I love my Grandmother as the flowers love water & sunshine!"
They both loved them.
If are ever wondering what you could do on your rainy day - instant crafts are the way to go!
As always if you see anything that you'd like me to make feel free to email me! :)

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