Friday, March 19, 2010

A Month's Full of Doings & Makings

*letting out a deep breath*

What have I been doing this past month? Even though I haven't been very up-to-date with my postings I have been quite busy. I wish I could say that I was done with painting my house, but alas I have to confess that I still have the trim in the bathroom and basically everything in L'bug's room... In bettween the poopie diapers, my new wondermus steam mop, and making dinner - it will all get done :) At least that's what I keep telling myself! haha

The above picture is a baby sling that I made for a friend - I want to take this time to say that mommy's do need to be careful wearing the babysling with a new born. I wore one with L'bug and she did fine - you just need to make sure that they can get enough air. If their chin is tucked to their chest the baby could not be getting enough to breath :( After they are around 4 months old babies are usually strong enough to move their heads and the risk of them getting hurt is greatly decreased.

A couple weeks ago a dear friend N had her baby shower - I made her some hair clips for her little girl, but what fun are clips if you don't have a holder?? Not very fun at all!

This next project was very close to my heart.

It started out with a book by Thomas Kinkade, "Grandmother's Memories to her Grandchild."
The book was filled with questions such as,"Where were you born? What was your favorite childhood hiding place? Who were the attendants in your wedding?" Personal
questions that give us great insight to the ongoings of our grandparent's lives.

Even though it wasn't my own grandmother, it was very neat to see how,
Mrs. Gladys Kujawa, born in 1912 lived her amazing life.
I read about how she wasn't allowed to ride a bicycle because it wasn't lady like and how her first car was a Model T (as was everyone else's... but still!)
This woman, who has sinced passed, loved her children and grandchildren and this book, in her own, beautifully written cursive handwriting tells it all.
Ok so, now that you know the back story - here's my project.

My aunt wanted copies of this book made. Not just any copies from a big box store, with plastic bindings and such... but copies that would go along with the neatness, shall we say, of these
timeless memories of her grandmother.
I took photos of all of the pages and reformatted them to fit into old books that I'd found at the GoodWill. I make journals the same way... I find books in good shape with interesting covers, remove the original pages, and then rebind them with my own pages. I love how old books can get a second life!
These pages have images... my journals have lined pages :)

Once I have the pages folded and cut. I sew them into the book (as shown below.)

I added a button with ribbon to help close the book and to add detail.

My last project of this month has been a Crochet Hobo Bag like the multicolored one I did for myself awhile back. I did this one in a more neutral color pallet with punches of red and blue.

Sneek peek into next months work....

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