Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bowling Bags & Other Friends

A couple of weeks ago a girl friend of mine asked me to make her daughter a
"sleep over / going to grandma's house" bag. She wanted something that little M could grow up... something that was a large enough to pack for a couple of nights, but it also needed to be managable for a 3 year old little girl to easily tote around.
I had a vision for a cute "retro bowling"type bag that I wanted to make and so this was a perfect opportunity!
The bag is approx. 18" x 8" x 15"
The top has a 12" zipper.
For the photos I put 5 large bath towels inside of it to bulk it up and there was still plenty of room so I'm sure little M will be able to fit all of her special goodies in there :)
I put two pockets in the back for quick access to VIP furry friends as well
The handles are in a back pack style to make it easier for her to carry around.
Here's a shot of the inside.
If you have been following my blog you may recall the Lamby that I made of fabric - then you are going to love the cuddle bear that I made.
He's made in a patchwork style with one crochet ear. He's also joined (his arms and legs move.)
I think all teddy bears of this type need to be joined - they are more apt to play dress up, tea party,[if he were made in boy-ish type fabrics] or cowboys and pirate ships.
He's approx. 8" tall from ear to toe :)
The client had requested a heart be on the tummy so I made a red crochet one. I wanted it to match with the ear and with it being crochet it also gives the bear an neat texture.
Fabric Bear $20
This next toy is one of my favorites - He's L'bug's first toy. It's a organic wool bear that my mom knit when I was pregnant. L'bug's only 4 months old and she's just now starting to notice toys so it might be awhile before she plays with him. For the time being he patiently waits on her dresser next to her night light though :)
As always I hope you all enjoy the posts! If you'd like anything please let me know :)

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