Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Medium - Paint

When I got married I wanted a nice picture of me and my husband that would represent us. We aren't the regular large framed family photo sitting on the mantle people...
and I didn't want a blown up photo of us from our wedding either
- don't get me wrong -
both of which are great, but just not us.
Necessity is the mother of all invention so... I decided to make a picture of us.
I'm not really a landscape or realistic painter, but random painter - totally!
I took a photo of D and I from when we were dating. We were lying on a pillow in Forest Park having a picnic. The original photo itself wasn't the best b/c it had so many shadows...which got me thinking.
With a little tweeking of the contrast and brightness in Photoshop, I came up with an awesome
positive/negative space picture.
I painted it on a 3' x 6' canvas using two tones - black and white.
Here are some pictures of the process.
This one is of my brother and his fiance. It's a little hard to see the pencil lines in this picture.
I free hand the photo onto the canvas - on the bottom of the this picture
you can see the original photo.
Here's the work half way done. I modified their photo using three tones - black, gray, and white, rather than two. Here it is completed.
The canvas for their's was 2' x 3'.
The painting doesn't necessarily have to be done on a canvas...it can also be done on a wall.
It also doesn't need to be necessarily black, white, or gray either. I can make it in any combination of colors.

2' x 3' Canvas Works
Two toned : $ 150
Three toned : $ 175

3' x 4' Canvas Works
Two toned : $200
Three toned : $250

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